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Our System

We have developed a somewhat unique type of service in order to provide you with freshly prepared food at a reasonable price. If you let us know when you are coming we’ll have your supper prepared for you at that time AND if we can minimize food wastage then we can keep the prices down. SOO….

  • Look at the menu for the day in question.
  • Choose what you want and when you want to pick it up.
  • Prepay online or pay when you pick up your food.
  • Eat on-site or in the comfort of your own home.
  • OR if you are not able to pre-order, drop in anyway and purchase your meal to eat onsite or to take home.


We will have a limited number of menu items every day, but yet LOTS to choose from. Every day we will prepare three entrees, a soup, a hot side, a cold side and a dessert. Our menu offerings will change every day of the week so you can visit us six days a week and have a different selection of foods available to you on every day (See Menu).


For your convenience, we recommend that you decide on a time to pick up your meal and let us know by ordering online (or by telephone (709) 747-5888 ) by at least 7:00PM. This way we are sure that it will be ready for you when you want it. You can even pre-pay on-line to make your pick-up visit very smooth. Drop in, pick up your food, eat it on-site or eat it at home. There are multiple times available to pick up your meals everyday. from 3:00 – 7:30PM (and we plan to extend these hours very soon!) Just let us know when to expect you. If you are hungry, in the neighbourhood, and haven’t pre-ordered don’t pass us by. Drop-in and choose from our daily menu. Join us for a relaxed and casual meal experience.

Eat In

We recommend pre-ordering to guarantee that your meal is ready exactly when you want it but pre-ordering is not necessary. When you pick up your meal you can take it out or eat it on-site – casual dining in our newly renovated facility.

Food For Later

Our focus is on food prepared fresh in our kitchen but we always make a little extra and keep it in the freezer. Feel free to browse through our frozen food items when you visit and pick up a few to heat up and enjoy over the next few days.


We have a bright and comfortable newly renovated dining area which can accommodate small on-site events (up to 40). Let us help you plan in advance.


View our catering menu here.

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